How Many Guns Can You Legally Own In South Africa?

How Many Firearms Can You ACTUALLY Own?

So, you’re thinking about gun owning a gun in South Africa? Hold your rifles, because navigating the legalities can be a tricky shot. But fear not, curious newcomer, for this post will equip you with enough knowledge to safely and legally navigate the world of firearms in Mzansi.

First things first, you should acquaint yourself with the all-powerful Firearms Control Act (FCA) 60 of 2000. This law is your ultimate guide to owning and possessing a firearm in South Africa, ensuring responsible gun ownership while helping to keep everyone safe. ️

Now, the burning question: how many guns can you legally own? The standard answer is four firearms and up to 200 rounds of ammunition. However, it really depends on a few factors:

1. Why Do You Want a Gun?

  • Self-defence: Feeling the need for protection? You can apply for one handgun (not fully automatic) or one non-semi-automatic rifle/shotgun for self-defence purposes. However, if you also want firearms for hunting or sports shooting, things get more complicated (or maybe more interesting.)
  • Hunting/Sports Shooting: You can apply for up to four non-semi-automatic rifles/shotguns to pursue your passion.

2. Are You a Dedicated Sport Shooter (DSS)?

  • DSS Status Unlocked! If you achieve this coveted status, the game changes. You can theoretically own an unlimited number of firearms, but remember, ammunition limitations still apply.

Feeling overwhelmed?

South Africa has some of the strictest gun control regulations in the world. Applying for a gun licence, having basic knowledge of the firearms control act, and understanding the legalities behind gun ownership in South Africa is no small task. Here are some resources to help you on your journey:

  • Visit South African Police Service (SAPS) website. SAPS is our one-stop shop for all things FCA! 
  • Qualified firearms trainer: These experts can guide you through the application process and ensure you’re FCA-compliant.

Remember, gun ownership is a big responsibility. By following the rules and prioritising safety, you can ensure a smooth and legal experience for yourself and everyone around you. **

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