Firearm Basics

The Fundamental Basics of Shooting

The first, most basic thing to know about shooting a firearm is to treat your firearm as if it is always loaded. Always keep your finger off the trigger and always point the firearm in a safe direction (away from people). At Gun Fun’s indoor shooting range, remember to always wear ear muffs and eye protection when handling a firearm or when inside a shooting bay. And, most importantly, always listen to your instructor.

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While fancy techniques and advanced gear might tempt you, mastering your firearm begins  with mastering the basics. Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or a novice gun enthusiast shooting your first rounds, focusing on the fundamental basics of shooting will help build a solid foundation for more accurate and responsible shooting practice.

1. Stance

Your stance is your platform for stability. Try maintain a balanced, athletic posture with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and your core engaged. A good stance provides a solid base for absorbing recoil and controlling the firearm.

2. Grip

Your grip is your connection to the gun. A firm, but relaxed, grip on the frame (often utilising both hands) ensures control without sacrificing trigger sensitivity. Think of it as a handshake, not a death grip. A good grip allows you to manage the firearm’s movement without disturbing your sight picture.

3. Sight Alignment

This is where your focus laser-sharpens. Align the front sight (usually a post or blade) perfectly with the rear sight notch, creating a single crisp sight picture centred on your target.

4. Trigger Squeeze

Trigger control refers to the delicate touch that translates intention into action. Smoothly and gradually squeeze the trigger with your designated finger, without disturbing the sight picture or anticipating the shot. Think of it as a light tap, not a forceful push or pull.

5. Breathing

Breathing helps with your accuracy. Control your breathing by taking a slow, deep inhale before aiming and exhaling smoothly during the trigger squeeze. Breath control helps stabilise your body and maintains a steady sight picture. Don’t hold your breath for too long, as this will cause you to shake!

6. Follow Through

Don’t flinch after the shot! Maintain your stance, grip, and sight alignment for a split second after the trigger breaks. This ensures a complete firing cycle and helps you analyse your shot placement for immediate feedback.

Mastering the Fundamentals

Mastering the basic fundamentals of shooting takes dedication, time, and consistent practice. Be patient, seek professional guidance if needed, and always prioritise the safety of yourself and those around. These six basics will form the foundation of your shooting skills and experience, allowing you to build your confidence and fire more quickly and accurately, shot after shot.

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