Range Rules

Gun Fun Indoor Shooting Range Rules

Gun Fun is a fully-licensed dealership and indoor training facility for firearms, ammunition, propellants, and tactical accessories. Our Cape Town store also offers Firearm Proficiency and Unit Standard certification courses, as well as anti-poaching courses, firearm training, self-defence courses, and basic firearm training courses. 

  • 1. Safety First
  • 2. Always Point Firearms Downward
  • 3. Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction (Away from people)
  • 4. no handling of firearms / ammunition behind shooting line or in front of the counter
  • 5. always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire
  • 6. nothing other than the targets provided are to be shot at
  • 7. One shooter per bay
  • 8. No smoking or open flames on the range
  • 9. no armour piercing or tracer equipment
  • 10. Hearing and eye protection must be worn during shooting
  • 11. All commands of range officer or staff to be followed unconditionally
  • 12. Damage to City Guns property will result in criminal charges being laid
  • 13. Always Treat Firearms as if it were loaded
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