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About Gun Fun

Gun Fun is Cape Town’s only indoor shooting range, offering a thrilling experience for both experienced shooters and curious newcomers. Located in the vibrant city centre, our indoor shooting range offers a variety of firearms and shooting packages to choose from—including pistols, Ak-47’s, and automatic rifles. Under the guidance of our instructors, we provide comprehensive safety briefings and expert instruction to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to shoot and have fun using a firearm in a safe and secure environment.

Cape Town's Only Indoor Shooting Range

Whether you’re looking for a fun activity for your group of friends, a unique birthday party, an unforgettable corporate function, or a chance to test your marksmanship skills, Gun Fun is the BEST place to lock in some fun while learning about and using some of the world’s most iconic firearms.

A whole lot of fun with a whole lot of guns

Cape Town Shooting Range

Gun Fun’s indoor shooting range and gun store is conveniently located in Cape Town’s vibrant city centre (City Guns). From beginners to professionals, our shooting range offers a fun variety of  packages for those looking for the ultimate indoor shooting experience.

Gun Fun also offers firearm training courses and is a fully-licensed gun store. If you want to learn more about Gun Fun and what we do, simply pop on over to the store and speak to one of our qualified rangers. Our Cape Town location features a gun safety classroom, private shooting bays, as well as firearm and gun licence training courses. 

Our Indoor shooting range has been optimally designed for a wide selection of firearms. Undercover bays offer high levels of security, privacy, and sound-proofing, providing you with a more secure and safe shooting environment. Shielded from the notorious Cape Town wind and seasonal elements, another advantage is that our facilities are ideal for all weather conditions.

Range Rules

  • 1. Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction, Away from people.
    Be muzzle conscious. Always know where the muzzle of the firearm is pointing. Never allow your firearm to point at people, even when it is unloaded.
  • 2. always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
    Because the firearm is designed to fit a human hand, your finger will instinctively go to the trigger. This is how most accidental discharges occur. You must make a conscious effort to keep your finger outside the trigger guard alongside the frame.
  • 3. Always Know Your Target and What is Beyond it.
    A handgun is capable of projecting a bullet for distances up to 2km's, and you are liable for where the bullet stops. Therefore, before firing a shot, you should know not only what your target is, but where the bullet will come to rest, too.
  • 4. Always Treat Firearms as if it were loaded.
    if you are always treating a firearm as if it were loaded, safe handling will become automatic and you will be demonstrating a responsible attitude to those around you.
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