Feel the Adrenaline of Shooting Guns in Cape Town

Gun Fun is your one-stop-shop for a heart-pumping, insta-shot-worthy, action-packed experience right here in Cape Town’s vibrant city centre. Conveniently located near the V&A Waterfront, our indoor shooting range is your go-to activity for adventure-travel seekers and those looking to feel the adrenaline of a shooting guns in Cape Town, South Africa.

We understand that the shooting experience can spark a deeper interest in firearms. That’s why our on-site shop, City Guns, seamlessly complements the shooting range. Here, you can explore an extensive selection of firearms, from hunting rifles for outdoor enthusiasts to target pistols for competitive shooters. City Guns’ knowledgeable staff can guide you through the legalities and safety procedures of firearm ownership, and even help you with your firearm licence applications.

Fire a Real Gun at Cape Town’s Indoor Shooting Range

So, you want a shoot a real gun on your trip to Cape Town — Perhaps an AK-47? Now’s your chance to impress your followers and guarantee a call from your mom. Start your day off with a bang at our indoor shooting range or book one of our exclusive shooting packages.

Gun Fun has an exciting selection of firearms and tailor-made shooting packages for visitors to choose from. You’ll have the chance to shoot rifles, sub-machine guns, revolvers, hand guns and shot guns — all with real ammunition. For an extra bit of fun, participants can take their target home with them as a keepsake from their Cape Town shooting experience.

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Shooting Guns in Cape Town: The Ultimate Indoor Activity

No matter the weather, Gun Fun’s indoor shooting range offers a safe and secure environment all year round — creating a great indoor activity during Cape Town’s winter months. And for those seeking a classic introduction to the world of firearms, the “Save the Rhino” package is a perfect fit. This option allows you to test your marksmanship with a selection of semi-automatic firearms under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor. As your confidence grows, you can graduate to the “Special Forces” package, where you’ll hone your precision with a higher round count and potentially unlock your inner sharpshooter.

But Gun Fun goes beyond the Basic fundamentals of shooting. Craving a taste of action-movie glory? Gear up for the “007 Experience,” where you’ll channel your inner Bond with an iconic pump-action shotgun, Beretta, and Assault Rifle. Or, unleash your inner work-rage with “Corporate Experience“, letting loose the power of automatic rifles like the legendary AK-47. These are just a taste of the many options available, each offering you the unique chance to shoot real guns in Cape Town.

What’s Included?

Gun Safety Briefing

Before you can step up to the target, one of Gun Fun’s experienced rangers will provide an introduction to gun safety briefing while ensuring you understand the basic fundamentals of shooting. From how to pull the trigger to where to point your gun, safety is the number one priority.

Gun Safety Equipment

Guns don’t just bang, they BANG! For your added safety and to ensure a fun experience, our shooting packages all include the use of earmuffs and protective glasses (shooting goggles).

Qualified Instructor

Firing a gun properly and precisely is no simple feat. We understand that most of our visitors have never even held a real firearm before, so our qualified range instructors are always on hand to help and guide you through your shooting experience. From experts to enthusiastic beginners, all shooting packages are closely supervised and led by one of Gun Fun’s rangers.

Your Chosen Firearms

Every shooting package comes with an assortment of firearms for you to fire. Designed for an enhanced shooting experience, participants will have 45 minutes to fire their allocated rounds of ammunition (per each firearm) at their own pace. Whether you want to practice your aiming and breathing control, or you want to bring out your inner Rambo, guests can choose whatever shooting package best suits their indoor range expectations.

Target Shooting

Become a bullseye hero at Gun Fun! Every shooting experience comes with a unique target that ties into the theme of your chosen shooting package. Whether you’re defending rhinos in “Save the Rhino” or blasting aliens in “Save the World,” you’ll get to take home your target as a fun memento of your experience.

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