Handle and Use a Shotgun for Business Purposes


This course teaches a higher level of proficiency than the basic course and is a requirement for Security Personnel and members of official institutions. Business purpose training courses focus on a higher standard of shooting and includes loading and unloading, dealing with malfunctions and shooting against time limits.

On this course, you will shoot approximately 30 to 50 rounds of ammunition.

Handle and Use a Shotgun for Business Purposes


This course is aligned with the Unit Standard Handle and Use a Shotgun for Business Purposes (U/S 123514).

Please Note: This course can only be conducted once the learner has proven competent in following:

  • U/s 117705: Demonstrate knowledge of the Firearms Control Act.
  • Applicable Basic Firearm Competency: Unit Standard 119652 Handle and Use of a Shotgun
  • Upon purchase of this course, you will collect your books from Gun Fun, Cape Town.
  • Please complete all training manual books in black ink.
  • Once you have completed the home-study part of the book, please call the range on (021)423-0465, or email us on
  • The formative part of your exam takes place every Monday and first Saturday of the month.
  • The formative part of your competency is a full day in class and on the range. Please be prepared for this.

The formative part of your competency starts at 09h00, promptly.

Please bring:

  • A black pen to write with.
  • Two CERTIFIED copies of your ID or passport.
  • Your books / manuals that you have completed at home.

Unless further training is provided, the price of the course includes:

  • Your selected training manual, provided by Gun Fun.
  • All firearms and ammunition used (as per unit standard requirements).
  • All Safety equipment used (as per unit standard requirements).

Please refer to the terms and conditions in the Training Manual Instruction Sheet that accompanies all purchased books.

By using Gun Fun’s premises and purchasing a firearm training manual, participants will be held in accordance with Gun Fun’s terms and conditions and terms of use policies.


Although Gun Fun, Cape Town, takes great care to ensure that the information shown on our website is accurate and up-to-date, the prices and product descriptions provided are subject to change without notice. Training Manual prices, course inclusions, and unit standards are subject to change depending on availability and updates to the unit standard requirements.

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